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BMW Motorcycle GS-911 Diagnostic Scan Tool
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BMW Motorcycle GS-911 Diagnostic Scan Tool

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GS-911 is a software (CD and download link) and hardware combination that allows you to communicate with the control modules on your bike. A laptop running Windows is needed. The unit is NOT wireless. Connection by USB cable (supplied). Collect in Blessington or buy at - P&P €5.00 standard / €10.00 registered. No liability accepted if standard post used and item doesn't arrive. Please use registered post. ***For bikes prior to 2010. No VIN limits. Read Diag Fault Codes * ECU info. Hardware and software versions, manufacturing dates, and other data. * Clear Diag Fault Codes. Erase fault codes after problem is fixed. * Real-time Analog and Digital values for Engine control units. View and log the real-time values (dependent on controller) Supported Models: R-Series: HP2,HP2 Megamoto,R1200GS,R1200GS Adv,R1200RT,R1200R,R1200ST,R1200S,R1200C,R1200CL,R1150GS,R1150GS Adv,R1150RT,R1150R,R1150RS (single and twinspark on all models),R1100S (single and twin-spark),R850C,R850R,R850RT === K-Series: K1300GT,K1300R,K1300S,K1200GT,K1200R,K1200R Sport,K1200S, K1200LT,K1200GT (non-CAN),K1200RS === F-Series: F800S,F800ST, F800GS, F800R, F650GS (800cc 2 cylinder), F650CS, F650GS, F650GS Dakar (1 and 2 spark on all models) === G-Series: G650Xchallenge,G650Xcountry,G650Xmoto,G650GS,G450X === C-Series: C1, C1-200 === S-Series: S1000RR === Models NOT covered by GS-911 1. All motorcycles that are NOT fuel-injected 2. All motorcycles with mechanical fuel-injection (LE Jetronic)-K100, K100LT, K100RS, K100RT, K75, K75s === Compatible System: Depends on the model, generally these are covered: 1.Engine controller (BMS-K,BMS-KP,BMS-C,BMS-CII,MA2.4,KMS-K16) 2.ABS (ABS-II,ABS-N,Integral-ABS,Integral-ABS-CAN,Integral-ABS2-CAN,ABS8, ABS8MOC) 3.Central Vehicle Electronics (ZFE-Basic (low,mid,high),ZFE-Low,ZFE-High(full, no-ESA, ESA-only)) 4.Instrument cluster (Kombi-H, Kombi-L, Kombi-7x, Kombi-2D) 5.DWA (Anti-Theft Alarm system) 6.RDC (Tyre Pressure Control) image

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