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  • Ireland's Largest Audience

    With over 20 million views of car ads per month, we have Ireland's largest audience of car buyers. So you can sell your car quickly and easily online today.

  • Free Car Valuation

    Our Price Assist tool helps you to price your car competitively so that you can get a fair price. Find out how much your car is worth online for free.

  • Selling Safely

    We know it can be daunting to sell your car online. That's why we have features so that you can sell your car safely such as Greenlight Verification and secure online payments.

How can I sell my car fast?

  • Take Great Photos

    Taking good quality photos can have a huge impact on the time it takes to sell your car. We recommend that you clean your car first, take photos of the interior and exterior and also close-up photos of features like the dash and engine.

  • Keep the Description Brief

    When selling your car, details such as make and model will already be included in the ad. Keep your description short and simple and use it to explain any extras the car may have. It is also worth being honest here about any scratches or dents the car may have.

  • Price your Car

    It's important that you include the price of your car when selling. Car ads with the price included sell quicker and get more enquiries than those without. If you're not sure how much your car is worth, we offer a free online car valuation.

  • Prepare all your car documentation before selling

    • You must have the vehicle log book in order to transfer ownership of your car or vehicle.

    • NCT documentation and service history documentation are very helpful to convey trust.

    • Greenlight your vehicle by inputting the Vehicle Licence Certificate (VLC) number from your vehicle logbook.

    • Be specific about knowing the exact technical details such as Make, Model, Specification, Engine Size and service history.

    • Knowing the cars Vehicle Identification number (VIN) is helpful.

  • Meeting the car buyer

    If allowing a test drive make sure you or the person with you goes with them and that the driver has the relevant insurance on the car.

    Once the sale is complete get them to fill out the logbook with their name and address. Do Not let them take the logbook to send in themselves. Instead get them to sign and then send the logbook to the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

    Do not accept part payment for car sales.

  • Follow the Change of Ownership legislation

    If you sell or trade-in your car, you are obliged to update the vehicle owner details on the National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF). If the vehicle continues to remain in your name, you will be legally liable for any charges including, motor tax, toll charges and any penalties which may be incurred for any traffic violations (e.g. parking fines).

    To read a shortened version of the information from the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport website click here.

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    On DoneDeal there are over 20m car ads viewed every month. Maximise your chances of selling it now.

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