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Triple Bunk bed
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Triple Bunk bed

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You are looking at a three tier bunk bed that I made myself for my three children as a 'stop gap measure' while I converted my attic into extra bedrooms. Now that those bedrooms are online my family no longer need the bunk bunk bed so it's been given a fresh coat of paint and is up for sale. Most bunk beds are made of inferior materials and simply fall apart - but that's certainly not true of this: The structure of the bed is is made from planed 4 x 2" and 3 x 3" planks. The ladder at the end of the bed can be folded vertically or pulled out to a 60 degree angle. All ladder rungs throughout have 4" of tread depth so they are comfortable to climb in bare feet. The horizontal 4 x 2's are joined to the vertical 3 x 3's using 3 no. dowells at each end. Screws have been used to secure and one dowell at each joint is 8mm steel so collapse can't happen. It's all very much built like a brick s**t house - i.e. The bed has been in constant use for 5 years and there's no sign whatsoever of creaking or rocking. The sale also includes two mattresses if you want them and if you don't want them that's fine also (we are using the third elsewhere and it is not for sale). This bunk is too large to be brought out of the house any other way than total disassembly (which it was designed for). The bed sheets, the teddy bears on the bottom tier and the plywood the Teddy bears are resting upon are not part of the sale (don't worry the bottom tier also has lats that support a matress). For obvious reasons this sale is "collection only" and collection must happen on a Saturday or don't even bid on the bed. You will need a large van to collect it all. I am based in Bandon Co Cork and will assist with loading the van and may be able to recommend a man with

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  • Bandon, Cork
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  • Co. Cork
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