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HELLO I am selling a Dutch bicycle GAZELLE C 7 with electric support - BOSCH CENTRAL MOTOR SYSTEM. The bicycle is in very good condition, everything is ready to ride. An electric bicycle is a modern alternative to a traditional bicycle. Unlike classic two-wheelers, electric bicycles support the ride with the help of an electric motor built into the wheel. The electric bicycle allows the ride without unnecessary effort of the cyclist. Electric bikes are widely used around the world - used by both older and younger riders. Electric bikes are an ideal vehicle for moving around crowded urban spaces and a great idea for recreation. How it's working? The engine starts automatically when you start pedaling. The clever controller gives you enough power to take off smoothly and continue riding at any level of assistance you choose. If you want to stop the bike, you just need to press the brake lever or stop pedaling. The engine will shut down automatically. Basic specification SHIMANO NEXUS 7-SPEED REAR HUB COMPUTER / CONTROLLER MOUNTED ON THE STEERING WHEEL TO CHANGE THE POWER MODE, TURN ON THE LIGHT, BATTERY LOW COUNTER, ALSO FULL THE MULTIFUNCTION COUNTER 4 ASSISTANCE MODES COMFORTABLE STEERING WHEEL CONTROL WHILE GRIP ELECTRIC MOTOR IN TORPEDO - BOSCH ACTIVE LINE CENTRAL MAGURA HS 11 + HYDRAULIC BRAKES IN TORPEDO LED LIGHTING - SWITCHED ON AUTOMATICALLY FROM A COMPUTER CUSHIONED SEAT POST SUSPENSION GAZELLE FRONT FORKS COMPANY COMFORTABLE SAN MARCO BIOACTIVE SADDLE STEERING WHEEL ADJUSTABLE IN MULTIPLE SIDES - QUICK ADJUSTMENT HANDLE WITHOUT USING TOOLS SECURITY ON THE AXA REAR WHEEL FULL CHAIN ​​GUARD GAZELLE ALUMINUM FRAME 61CM 28 '' ALUMINUM REINFORCED, MULTI-CHAMBER GAZELLE WHEELS SCHWALBE REINFORCED TIRES BOSCH 11AH 36V LITHIUM ION BATTERY PULL-OUT FOR CHARGING CHARGER INCLUDED UNIQUE ELECTRIC BIKE WITH POWER SUPPORT. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL 0873951168 image

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