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Super Friendly Trained Budgies and cages
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Super Friendly Trained Budgies and cages

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Super Friendly trained budgies for sale. Cages and starter packs also available. STILL AVAILABLE DURING LOCKDOWN! I can send you a video of available birds and you can collect ( social distancing) or delivery can be arranged. I have over 42 years experience with budgies and I am the ONLY professional budgie trainer in Europe that sells budgies! These birds are probably the friendliest birds you are ever likely to see in your life! They bring a whole new meaning to the word "FRIENDLY" Each bird has had over 30 hours of training and will fly to arms, hands, head and shoulders! These trained budgies are suitable for all ages. ****************************** Please be aware of bogus sellers who advertise online "friendly hand reared budgies", but their birds are the complete opposite. They use photos of very young budgies sitting on Children's shoulders and hands but if you look closely, these birds are so young that their flight feathers have not fully developed yet so they are not able to fly away. These birds are not friendly and not hand reared. Make sure you see the birds out of their cage and that they fly to you before you part with any money! All my photos and videos are copyrighted and are all of my own birds. You can see my birds flying to you before you purchase them. ******************************** I also sell cages and starter packs at very competitive prices. I am based in Lucan, Dublin, near the Spa hotel. For more info, please visit my website Or phone Wayne on 086 4033103

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DoneDeal is an IPAAG Member

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