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COOL KAYAK RANGE @LakesideMarineStore//IN STOCK!
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COOL KAYAK RANGE @LakesideMarineStore//IN STOCK!

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NOW IN STOCK! Please call 085 280 6273 for more info. Cool Kayaks range of sit-on kayaks. We have various styles to suit everyone, whether it's for leisure, fishing etc. Prices are for the kayaks only. Extras not included Please message if interested for any more information or to view in Store. FLASH SINGLE €360 Length: 260cm Width: 70cm Height: 27cm Weight: 19kg Capacity: 100kg MALIBU(9ft. Kayak) €370 Length: 275cm Width: 78cm Height: 40cm Weight: 19kg Capacity: 130kg The Malibu is perfect for recreational use, with 2 flush rod holders and plenty of storage space for your belonging and gear. This kayak can take the aluminium frame seat for extra comfort. CONGER(10ft. Kayak) €390 Length: 295cm Width: 78cm Height: 38cm Gross Weight: 22kg Capacity: 150kg The Conger is a compact single fishing kayak with plenty of storage space. GLIDE 1+1 €430 Length: 305cm Width: 80cm Height: 40cm Gross Weight: 23kg Capacity: 180kg 1 + 1 Seat RODSTER ANGLING KAYAK €610 Length: 292cm Width: 83.7cm Height: 35.6cm Gross Weight: 31kg Capacity: 170kg The Rodster kayak comes kitted with it's aluminium seat included. CASTOR 2 PERSON KAYAK €685 Length: 378cm Width: 84cm Height: 43cm Gross Weight: 34kg Capacity: 300kg *Seat optional extra Paddle €45 Helmet €35

Lakeside Marina/ Store image

Lakeside Marina/ Store

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Lakeside Marina/ Store image

Lakeside Marina/ Store

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