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ANTISLIP WOOD PAINT - Deckings , Pontons, Walkways
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ANTISLIP WOOD PAINT - Deckings , Pontons, Walkways

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Owatrol’s Antislip wood protection (also known as Antigliss) is an effective anti-slip protection for exterior wood surfaces which contains polypropylene wax microbeads (particle size 100 microns). It provides an anti-slip surface for pedestrian traffic as well as a skid resistant surface for wheeled traffic to help to prevent falling and skidding in areas with slip and skid hazards. Unlike standard products where grit is sprinkled into a wet finish, Antislip is a prepared product which is applied as it is to the wood. It produces a more evenly textured surface and penetrates into the wood, bonding with the fibres to give a finely textured, flexible and long-lasting anti-slip satin finish. As well as its practical uses, Antislip also provides a decorative light oak coloured finish and gives good UV and weather resistance with lasting performance. It helps to slow down the greying process when wood is exposed to UV rays and can be used on all species of wood, both new and weathered (including softwoods and hardwoods (both exotic and broadleaved), new and weathered woods, planed and rough sawn wood, untreated & pressure treated). It is easy to apply and maintenance is a breeze with no sanding or stripping required. Ideal Uses for Owatrol’s Antislip Wood Protection *Making decking around swimming pools safer *Protecting hot tub surrounds whilst maintaining beauty *Safeguarding steps and walkways *Treating pontoons and docks Owatrol Antislip Light Oak 5L - €92.86 (inc.VAT) ** Coverage: 13 m² per litre per coat ** Tools: Brush, Roller, Airless Sprayer ** Suitable for: Exterior use ** Clean up: White Spirits ** Drying Time: 6 hours ** Re-coating Time: Light traffic – 24 hours, To Use – 5 days ** Suitable Surfaces: All wood species new and weathered * Delivery cost - €9 (anywhere in Ireland) * Collection also available from our Showroom in Ballymount, Dublin 12

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Global Coatings Ireland

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Global Coatings Ireland

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