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Yashica Mat 124G camera + telephoto lens - Image 1
Yashica Mat 124G camera + telephoto lens - Image 2
Yashica Mat 124G camera + telephoto lens - Image 3
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Yashica Mat 124G camera + telephoto lens

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Camera body Telephoto Attachment & Viewer Lens hood The predecessor Yashica Mat-124 was produced until 1970, which was based on the Yashica-24 and Yashica-12.The replacement Yashica Mat-124 G was produced between 1970 and 1986 and was the last TLR produced by Yas-hica.Even though this type of camera seemed outdated at the time of its release, the 124 G was successful and is still popular today. Both models feature the four-element 80mm f/3.5 lens, of the better 'Yashinon' variety.The Mat-124 and Mat-124 G (Yashica-12, 24) both accept Bay 1 accessories such as those made for Rollei-flex.Focusing is done on a ground glass screen with a 3x diopter magnifier for critical focusing and a sports viewfinder.The focus screen is used by the camera at waist height.The sports viewfinder built into the focal area works by pushing the front cover back.According to the instruction booklet, it is useful for taking snapshots or when photographing fast-moving objects at eye level. The Copal SV shutter has speeds of 1 and 1/500 sec, plus B. Self-timer and flash sync with both electronic x and incandescent modes.They even have an interlocked needle exposure meter, although designed for the now discontinued 1.3V mercury cell.Suitable adapters for modern alkaline or silver oxide batteries can be obtained from camera stores and online.They can handle 120 and 220 films.On the focus button is a film emulsion type reminder dial that includes Day Reversal, Day Negative, Tungsten Reversal, B&W and Empty settings. Since the cameras are basically a Rolleiflex replica, the controls are similarly positioned.The build quality is very good.Yashicas are considered an excellent choice among medium format machines.The 4-element 80mm f/3.5 Yashinon lens is not quite on par with the Rollei, but produces very good results, especially when stopped down to f/8-16.Unlike some Rolleiflex models, the Sportfinder mode does not have an additional mirror to reflect part of the screen to check focus in this setting.The 124 and 124 G are largely identical, the Mat-124 G is only available in black. The cover of the 124 has a square pattern, while the 124G has a more traditional pebble-style leatherette cover. The Yashica Mat-124 B is a variation of the Mat-124G, but without an exposure meter.

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