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Diesel Heater (Small size)

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This heater is perfect to heat a home office, workshop, garage, camper conversion, day van, mobile homes and its portable Video wired in a workshop Can be wired with a 12v Irish plug, dpd signed delivery included Rapid Heating, The ceramic ignition plug will fuel heating evaporated into gas, fast ignition, full combustion. The air heater has one big outlet for airflow to increase the air volume and quickly warm. Low Noise Running, Separate air outlet design, the warm air blows out quickly, will not cause the heater to wear; meanwhile, it can effectively reduce the noise and extend the heater life. LCD Screen & Remote Control The LCD screen will show the operating status of the machine. Fuel, electricity ALUMINUM HOUSING The combustion chamber, the base, and the heat-dissipating fin are all sand-blasted aluminum parts. The gasoline parking heater is integrally formed, featuring uniform heat dissipation, fast heat. Simultaneously, the intelligent overheating sensor can prevent the heater from running dry. FAST HEATING & LOW EMISSIONS Volatile technology, the ceramic spark plug heats the fuel to evaporate into a gas, quickly ignites, and fully burns. Characterized by low emission, low fuel, and power consumption, the air diesel heater is suitable for the long-running time. EASY TO OPERATE The heater is equipped with a complete set of assembly parts for easy installation. The LCD screen will clearly show the running state of the machine. The vehicle can be preheated by the remote control to eliminate the frost on the windows. At the same time, the remote control can adjust the oil volume, temperature, and wind speed, VARIOUS APPLICATION The air diesel heater can be used for truck, boat, car trailer, motorhomes, touring car, camper vans, caravans, home office, garages, workshops and all kinds of other diesel vehicles. The diesel air heater is also suitable for indoor use, such as for home, warehouse, factory, office, etc.

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