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GP Pin Pointer
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GP Pin Pointer

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✔️Handheld Pin Pointer This is a small hand-held metal detector. It is designed to detect metallic objects with fast response and has a sound and light alarm simultaneously. It's ideal for Archeologists and can also be used in the airport, courts, prisons, stadiums, and entertainment places for security checks. The small detector can find out items that may be harmful to personal safety, such as weapons, tools, and hidden metal objects. ✔️Portable Metal Detector with Holster A professional metal detector that you can easily it take with you wherever you go, is a huge advantage of such a small pinpointer. You will receive a belt holster along with the pinpointer metal detector so that you can safely put it on your belt and take it with you. ✔️ Portable and Lightweight: This small, lightweight device employs precision tracking for speed recovery of finds. It is ideal for the recovery of small items in a wide variety of hunting conditions, ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater-saturated sand. ✔️Buzzer Sound with Vibration & LED The pinpointer metal detector will make a sound and vibrate when you are near a metal object. It has a built-in LED searchlight that allows you to search in the dark and helps you see better-hidden objects in a dug hole. The pinpointer is small, lightweight, and therefore easy to store and easy to handle with one hand so that you have your other hand free. ✔️360°Scanning Technology The pinpointer metal detector can detect the object quickly and accurately using the latest 360° scanning technology! It can locate coins, silver, jewelry, and gold in a variety of hunting conditions ranging from highly mineralized soil to saltwater-saturated sand. ✔️9V Battery Included No need to buy a battery for the metal detector. You will get a free battery in the package which can last for months.

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  • Waterford City, Waterford
  • Verified Private Seller
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  • Co. Waterford
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