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Shop smarter, get a full car history check before you buy

Don't rely on luck when buying a second-hand vehicle. Get reliable, real-time information that will save you expensive headaches down the road.

  • Clocked Odometers

    15% of cars are clocked

  • Outstanding Finance

    1 in 6 cars have outstanding finance

  • Fake Documents

    Increase in fake logbooks and NCT certs

  • Imported Cars

    Number of imported cars have doubled

  • Write Offs

    10% of imported cars have been listed as write-offs

What Information is included?

Greenlight History Check provides a detailed report about a vehicle's past and will help you uncover any hidden negative history including:

  • Write-off Status

  • Outstanding Irish Finance

  • Import Information

  • NCT Status

  • Tax Details

  • Taxi/Hackney History

  • UK Stolen Status

  • Ownership History

  • Odometer Readings

How long will the report take?

The report will usually be available in My DoneDeal within 5 minutes. During busy periods or in the event that there is potential outstanding finance, the report may take up to one working day. If your report isn't available after that time, or you experience any other issues, please contact customer support.