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Video & Voice for Businesses  // SURLOOKMEDIA

Video & Voice for Businesses // SURLOOKMEDIA

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Offering Video & Voiceover content for Businesses // SURLOOKMEDIA What we Offer // The Repackage Your business is likely to have existing marketing material (ie. phone videos, photos, website wording) What we can do is gather all material, cut down and repackage it into short snappy video/s for your social media. Back up the Visuals // The Voice An important element of what we offer is a fitting voiceover for your video. By taking your website wording, we draft, then studio record a voiceover that backs up and compliments the visuals. Involved in Repackaging // The Steps A) We take your Logo and create a Logo Launch. B) Take any of your photos/videos and edit them into a concise video. C) Write and record a voice-over based on your website wording. D) Finally end your video with a Call-to-Action which should include contact Information, directing to website, social media, address, etc. Why bother? // The Brand Awareness In a nutshell, the objective is to build up Brand Awareness for what you have on offer. Outside of referrals how are getting customers? It’s when times worsen that online awareness of your brand will help securing your future customers. These videos are designed to be posted on numerous social media sites repetitively in order to help you to build up awareness of your brand. Additional Services we offer include : 1) On-site callouts / capturing of footage 2) Podcast editing 3) Photoshop editing 4) Event Coverage 5) Logo Design / Logo Digitalisation 6) Logo Launch videos 7) Voice-overs : Formal / Accented / Character / Celebrity impression 8) Library of extensive Royalty & Copyright free music Bang for your Buck // The Money Prices vary from project to project, but we succeed through competitiveness in price and our fast turnaround times. Make Contact // Call or Text anytime Marketing, content, social media, production, advertising, advert, digital marketing, editor, content creators



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