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Tips for buying a car

How to choose a car in Ireland?

Before you begin car shopping, set a budget. You need to know how much you can realistically spend per month on car finance or in total to purchase your car. Shop for a car just under budget so that you will have money aside for fuel, tax, and insurance. Choosing the right car type is the first step in a car-buying journey. To land on a car type, you'll also want to consider how you would use the car. If you commute, you'll need an economical model, but if you regularly take long trips and do a lot of mileage, you'll need a car with a larger engine.

How do I know if I am getting a fair price for the car I am buying, trading in, or selling?

First, you can only get the best car deals when you can see the entire range of car deals. DoneDeal will give you the broadest view of the best car deals locally and throughout the country. When you find a car you like, check out the average price for a similar vehicle using our car valuation tool, price assist, by clicking here. If you want to buy a brand new car, review the prices from our trusted dealers. Then, when you are interested in a vehicle, contact the dealer directly on DoneDeal from their ad listing to get a price on a car that reflects your specifications.

When do I need to get a history check?

We recommend getting a full history check before you buy any second-hand car. We provide a free basic history check on any cars that have been owner verified - just look for the green light verified label on car ad listings. However, we recommend a full history check which will give you the following information: NCT History, Tax Records, Outstanding Irish finance, if the car has been used as a taxi or hire car, mileage records, previous owner history, as well as whether or not the colour of the car has been changed. We recommend getting a full history check for peace of mind.

How can I find a Trusted Car Dealer near me?

Click here and Use our filtered search function to filter by county, e.g., Dublin, to find a dealer in your location.