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Flat Roof Repair, Waterproofer AVAILABLE NOW
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Flat Roof Repair, Waterproofer AVAILABLE NOW

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GacoPro is a commercial grade, 100% Silicone, two*coat, single component, moisture-cured, liquid applied overlay roofing coating / waterproofing system that adheres directly to the following: Aged / weathered Felt, Asphalt, EPDM, TPO & most Single Ply, Asbestos, Steel, Felt, Concrete, Lead, WPB plywood, Fibreglass, Polyurethane etc. Also ideal for valleys, gutters, channels etc. GacoPro – 19 Key Benefits Up to 50% time saving compared with most other flat / low pitched roof waterproofing systems. No fleece or mesh required. Gaco Roof Tape or Liquid Roof Tape (new) tape fixes cracks, corners, upstands etc. No primer required, applies direct, huge time saver. Can be applied over wide temperature range 0c up to 46c (more winter work possible). Fast and easy to apply… roll, or brush. Two colours (light grey & white) Once applied – allow a two hour rain-free window & roof is waterproofed. 2 coat, single component roof system, no hardener required, use as required, no waste. GacoPro 100% Silicone is totally waterproof, even under permanently ponding water. High reflectivity (of white) slashes roof damaging surface temperature by up to 85%. (NO MORE ALUMINIUM PAINT ) GacoPro resists growth of moss, algae etc… stays cleaner longer. Remains flexible in all conditions. Outperforms Acrylics, Urethanes, & Asphalt coatings. Reduces summer building cooling costs / saves energy. 20 Year factory warranty on product. Very competitive per meter material cost 12 months shelf life. Big savings in roofing material costs, in many cases, avoiding the huge expense of flat roof replacement, disposal etc. Highest quality at a reasonable price Price (material ONLY) depends on roof size but make a rough estimate of €25 per square meter for two coats, inc VAT. Big area discount available. Call 01 830 22 50 www.GacoFlatRoofingSolutions.Com (Div of Igoe International Ltd Estd 1978) Price shown above is for 5 gallon drum / 20m2 coverage x 2 coats

Igoe International Ltd image

Igoe International Ltd

  • Co. Dublin
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Igoe International Ltd

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