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Irish Dancing Dress Medal Display / Holder
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Irish Dancing Dress Medal Display / Holder

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FREE Engraving Available at: This handmade medal display is an 18mm thick oak-stained wood, sprayed and sealed for a lasting satin finish. The Irish Dancing Dress display has been carefully crafted to showcase the timeless beauty and aesthetic of the Celtic knot. The bodice of the dress has been etched with the infamous triquetra knot with a circle interwoven through the knot’s loops, celebrating unity and interconnectedness. The skirt of the dress is decorated with a traditional Celtic knot pattern lining the dress’s pleats. Additionally, this piece comes complete with 20 gold hooks and a matching nameplate in a gold finish that is engraved with a personalized inscription and set into the wood. For your convenience, the display also comes with a hanger on the backside for easy wall-mounting to ensure that you can proudly exhibit your collection of medals. It is our hope that the hand-crafted Irish Dancing Dress Medal Holder showcases the beauty, talent, skill, brilliance and dancing-prowess of the award-winning Irish dancer in your life! Size: 40cm x 40cm approx / 16″ x 16″ approx Thickness: 18mm / 0.7″ FREE Engraving Available at:

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  • Co. Laois
  • Verified Private Seller
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  • Co. Laois
  • Verified Private Seller

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