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Are your cows taking the P****?
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Are your cows taking the P****?

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Holstein Friesian

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Why do Vets feed Rochardsalt to their own animals? HMMM! As used successfully by beef baron feed lot owners for 5o years! Buy Rockhardsalt at 63c per kg with no wastage or pay vet and burnhouse Rockhardsalt is brilliant You just let your animals take it as they need it Himalayan Rock Salt is both a cost-effective and a natural source of NATURAL minerals these natural minerals cannot be reproduced artificially Independent nutritionist P J Larkin says both forage and soil analyses have identified a wide prominence of low sodium – a mineral which is crucial for milk production and gut stability. “Relative to sodium, slurry is naturally high in potash, and consequently when salt levels are not addressed, there is a high probability forages will be deficient,” Benefits at a glance There are numerous benefits of using Rockhardsalt Himalayan Rock salt: Sodium helps to maintain water balance within an animal which is vital for metabolic function; Salt is essential to ensure optimum rumen function of the rumen Reduces animals desire to drink urine, lick walls, barriers, etc; which is an impulse caused by a mineral deficiency . A stitch in time! Self-limiting: Stock with a supply of Rockhardsalt Himalayan salt in diets will self-regulate salt intake. This means that when an animal has enough sodium they will not over-indulge as can happen with molasses block supplements, awful things! 100% natural and stimulates appetite Contains over 84 NATURAL trace elements; Strengthens the immune system and physical strength in animals; It helps increase haemoglobin to improve mineral absorption in the body It helps increase fertility in cows and improve their milk production Cover Rockhardsalt to protect from rain to avoid possible wastage They only use what they need when they need it Provide it to them all year around the mineral deficiencies in their diet You KNOW it makes sense Bruv! to quote Del Boy Trotter

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