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Roots Party of Ireland

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Concerned about the future of farming?
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Concerned about the future of farming?

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Concerned about the agricultural sector & all blame for everything being put on us & no actual answers being given for our environment or ourselves? Are you being kept up at night worrying about the future of our country, your farm & your family? Join Roots. We are a grassroots party of young people, farmers & workers focused primarily on rural Ireland, young people, Agri, housing & workers rights. Our agricultural policy includes Fighting any move towards culls Basing our economy on a sustainable agricultural revolution leading on to a green industrial revolution based on the product of our land & moving away from relying on foreign money just moving trough our economy. Banning foreign investors & companies not actively engaged in the Agri foods industry in Ireland from buying up farmland Banning the international trade of "carbon credits" Supporting marginal farms & rewarding them for their biodiversity, not rewetting the entire west & south. Investing fully in slurry digestion to be our main source of renewable energy. Overturning the replanting obligation Basing our forestry in farmer, cooperative & community owned native woodland & establishing cooperative Irish sawmills. Minimum pricing of all agricultural product set above the cost of production stopping processors crushing farmers. Establishing beef, sheep & arable co-ops. Banning the importation of food from outside the EU that does not meet Irish food & environmental standards Restarting & or establishing indigenous industries from textiles to leather to make full use of the product of our land Base our production on a closed loop 0 waste system where one man's waste is another's input. Push seaweed farming along the west coast Establishing a full cooperative Irish fertilizer industry based on the processing of seaweed & digestate into bagged pellet fertilizer of uniform NPK & trace values Contact us on WhatsApp or call for a chat to see our full Agri policy document for much more.

Roots Party of Ireland image

Roots Party of Ireland

  • Co. Cork
  • Private Seller
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Roots Party of Ireland image

Roots Party of Ireland

  • Co. Cork
  • Private Seller

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