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Main Features:  High Pressure / High Volume Jets - Pump solution down the two walk-way channels.  Hoof Washing - Removes dried muck, lime & dung off the cow’s hooves, cleans out the warm moist dirty environment within the hoof that bacteria thrive in. Clean hooves are far less conducive to bacteria development or should assist in reducing infections.  More Targeted – Mixed solution is forcefully pumped against the cow’s heel, into the skin, hair & up through the hoof into the interdigital area, giving more effective results on cleaned, washed out hooves.  15 Litre Mixed Solution Reservoir - This mixed solution is being constantly circulated.  Meshed Sieve & Motorised Rotary Brush Filter System - Removes muck & solids washed off the hooves out of the footbath to maintain the quality of the mixed0 solution.  Reduced Costs & Savings – Displacement/Usage is approximately 700-800ml +/- of mixed solution per cow pass, approximately half the mixed solution used in static footbaths, reducing costs of foot-bathing per cow significantly.  Fresh / Clean Mixed Solution - Constant mixed solution displacement combined with auto. re-filling of mixed solution provides a change of the solution every 18-20 +/- cow passes, ensuring all cows from first to last receive a consistent foot bathing.  Walk Way Design - Designed to encourage the cow to walk slowly, giving far better penetration of mixed solution into the cow’s hoof & skin area.  Safe Auto. Re-Filling - No handling of dangerous chemicals. Mixed solution is auto. re-filled from a mains water supply connected to a Chemical Dosing Pump.  Reduced Running Costs - A PIR Sensor activates the pump system when a cow approaches, & turns off the system once the cow has passed through the system.  Safe / Slip Free - Rubber Matting in each walk-way channel provide a safe surface.  Quality Build - Walk-Way Channels & Base manufactured in Stainless Steel.  Warranty - 1 Year Warranty.  Tried & Tested System - Over 1000 systems

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Master Agri

  • Carlow Town, Carlow
  • Verified Private Seller
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Master Agri

  • Co. Carlow
  • Verified Private Seller

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