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IFAC House Old Naas Road,BluebellDublin
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About Us
Boundary Blade® is a patented 5 Level Fence Tester & Pocket Knife Agricultural Tool sold globally. It allows farmers to easily check electric fence current and "walk away with their mind at ease". Conventional fence testers are bulky. Invariably, they are on the tractor, in the jeep or back at the workshop, never to hand. This innovative device has removed the awkward size & bulk of existing fence testers with no grounding cable required. Watch videos and more at - Easy to check current - Six Bright LED Indicators - Handy to have Bolt Turner Boundary Blade® is a must have farming tool for your pocket - trusted by farmers worldwide. "Walk away with your mind at ease" ** An Innovation Awards Product Finalist And Enterprise Ireland Backed Irish Company ** Strong Blade The Boundary Blade® can cut through anything you need on the farm! Quickly check voltage Check your fence safely, quickly and easily from low, to 8kv ranges. Handy Bolt turner The Boundary Blade® comes with a handy to have bolt turner built in. Six Bright LED Indicators Simply hold the knife against the electric fence and press to activate the ranges. The bright LED indicators are easy to see in the most difficult of conditions and designed to fit comfortably into your hand. The Perfect Gift! BUY SECURELY - ONLINE ONLY -