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Improve Grass Nutrients , Liquid seaweed

  • 25 days
  • Mullingar, Co. Westmeath


Our Liquid seaweed is very unique. It contains Alginates (alginic acid) Mannitol Fucans And so much more 1. Alginates: are extracted from brown seaweed for medical use (e.g. Gaviscon). In agriculture, the gel-forming property of alginates allows for the formation of microcolloids over the surface of plants, that are thought to act as a protective film. Alginates will also act as a feed and nutrient source for beneficial microbes. This includes those that exclude pathogens from colonizing the leaf surface, and those that exude plant hormones. 2. Mannitol: The sugar alcohol mannitol is found in high concentrations in seaweed. Mannitol is a multifunctional compound and has three main areas of activity; 1, Antioxidant: mannitol can ‘mop up’ the reactive oxygen species (ROS) that create the free radicals that damage plant tissues. ROS are produced at high levels when plants are under abiotic stresses, making it the perfect choice in stressful growing conditions. 2. Boron complexing: Mannitol can form a complex with boron atoms, effectively chelating an important plant nutrient. 3. Signalling in fungal attack: Pathogenic fungi also use mannitol to quench ROS when attacking a plant. The interplay between mannitol and the plant’s enzymes that degrade mannitol is a significant interaction in the fight between a crop plant and a pathogen, determining if a disease takes hold. (Spraying regularly will protect your crops) Regularly spraying our liquid seaweed will protect and promote healthy growth and improve nutrients in the grass or crops. We recommend spraying 2L per acre mix with 100l water. Phone for more information 086-3805921

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  • Mullingar, Westmeath
  • Verified Trader
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  • Co. Westmeath
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