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Organic Aronia berry fruit bushes
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Organic Aronia berry fruit bushes

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Aronia berries are generally considered to be the healthiest of all fruits and berries having the highest polyphenol content of any fruit and vegetable. Happily they grow extremely well in Ireland even on the most marginal soils and in windswept sites. We have been growing these berries in West Cork for the past 5 years and selling the organic juice that they produce. The are very easy to grow, thriving on almost any soil from bog to chalky soils and grow well on PHs between 5 and 8 and can live even either side of that. They are wind tolerate, weed tolerant and frost tolerant, having deep roots and strong flexible stems. Their deep roots make them drought tolerant and they can also grow well in wet soil, although waterlogged soil does not work for them. They require sun to produce berries.. They require very little fertiliser to fruit well and in fact giving Nitrogen can cause them to how too big and fruit less. They can be grown in rows (as we do here) with 3m spacing and 70cm to 1m between plants where they will produce about 5Kg of berries / plant, or as standalone plants with 2m by 3m spacing, in which case they can produce in excess of 10Kg / plant / year. We have these pants available in the following sizes: - 4 foot tall, multi stemmed, 3 year old bare-rooted plants - prices from €4 / plant. Will produce some fruit this year but for substantial quantities you'll need to wait 1 or 2 years - 4-5 foot tall 4 year old plants potted in 4L pots - prices from €11 / plant - should produce at least 1/2 a kilo of fruit this year - 5 foot tall 5 year old plants in 10L pots - prices from €20 euro - should produce upward of 1Kg of fruit this year. All plants See for more information on the benefits of the aronia fruit tonic that can be easily made form these berries Please contact Steve Collins for more information and to discuss delivery options

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steve collins

  • Cork
  • Verified Private Seller
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steve collins

  • Cork
  • Verified Private Seller

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