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Lots of Fencing -NO VAT- save 20%!!

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Samson Samson Samson Ireland Mesh & Wire & Fence Depot TOO BUSY TO COME COLLECT? We deliver to any address throughout Ireland- South or North Over 70 different fencing products in stock Home- Farm-Business - Dogs- Hens- Birds- sheep- Rabbits.... KEEPING THE KIDS SAFE AND SECURE❤️ IF YOU NEED FENCING OR GATES- we have it We have Ireland covered☘️ Daily deliveries to every county throughout Ireland-too busy to come collect?- no problem- we deliver to your Door👍 •No Vat for Irish Buyers -save 23% •Our 8ft wide Mesh panels are 5 times stronger than the bouncy 10ft wide type. • Only buy the 5mm steel galvanised and Powder coated rod Mesh panels. • V-Mesh panels requires no maintaince year after year • We supply at Wholesale Prices • Need to discuss your plan or send us a sketch and we will work it all out for you -Free of charge!!!👍 • Proud to supply Belfast City Airport, Cork City Airport, Glanbia,Wexford City Council,Musgraves,Coffeys,Hendersons, Mace,Dog Rescue Antrim,Dog Rescue Shelter Wexford and over 50 building contractors throughout Ireland Wholesale Prices now to the Public So if you are a professional simply ring your order through and we will deliver on site Or If you are not, then call me and i will call you back and take you through what you need- or send a simple sketch(nothing fancy)- • tell me the colour you want • tell me the height you want-3,4,5,6 or 8ft high • tell me do you want to Dig the posts into the clay or Bolt them on top of concrete, Tarmac or slabs - we have both types • tell me do you need a gate- we have 700 gates • No Vat for Irish Buyers, if you are IE Vat reg'd - Save 23%👍 Daily deliveries all over Ireland: Wexford,Cork, Galway, Sligo, Donegal,Clare, Leitrim,Meath,Dublin,Wicklow,KILDARE LAOIS.,Tipp,Waterford- ☘️ we have all Ireland covered ☘️ Call Colin:00447827316521-anytime Why not view 55 more off our adverts Scroll down Click “View Ads” 100’s of photos to view

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