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Keltec Engineering

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Post Driver
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Post Driver

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The Keltec Post Driver is an ergonomic and dependable product for driving posts. This post driver comes with an external 3 bank valve chest, worked by a single spool valve. The left and center levers adjust the tilt of the post driver. The right lever lifts and drops the weight. The sliding leg and top link adjust the tilt of the post driver making it easier to drive posts straight. The weight free-fall’s onto the hammer plate to drive the post. The main ram is protected within the main beam, ensuring a long life. The support legs can be removed and stored on the driver when transporting. The hammer plate has a rubber guard around it to help protect the operator. It takes just one person to operate the post driver. Ergonomic Design: The Keltec Post Driver has been designed with the operator in mind, with many design features keeping the operator safe. Rubber Guard: Helps protect the operator from an injury. Adjustable Tilt: This allows the operator to tilt the post driver to ensure posts are driven straight. Easy Use: With just 3 levers clearly labeled, operation of the post driver is very easy. Removable Legs: The two support legs can be easily removed and stored on the machine for easier transportation. One Person Operation: Only one person is required to operate the post driver. We are also producing dribble bars, visit for more information. Search: Nugent, Quicke, NC, RedRock, McKenna, McHale, Sanarol, Grab, Shear Grab, Silage Grab, Bale Slice, Shearman, Silage, Feeding, loader, front attach, Fleming, Bale, Wylie, Kverneland, Malone, Pottinger, Novacat, Bellon, Claas, John Deere, New Holland, Kuhn, Krone, silage, baling, McHale, Feeding, Grain Bag Fill Bucke, Post Driver, Stake Driver, Pile Driver, Malone, Belmac, Parmiter, Browns, Vector, Protech, Multec, Collins, Fencing, Mower, Dribble Bar

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Keltec Engineering

  • Limerick
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Keltec Engineering image

Keltec Engineering

  • Limerick
  • Verified Trader

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