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PODS Party + Gaming Supplies

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1-4 Player CONSOLE 33k Games Nintendo + More

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Own a console with 1000's of Psp, SNES, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Playstation , arcade + many more games that all play on the ONE Console! Own every Super Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy etc ever made Beat those games from your past and play classics you never had a chance to. 50 Consoles + Game Systems in ONE!! If theres a particular game(s) you loved in your youth,let me know,ill make sure its on your console * Just plug and play with no fuss * Mini Retro Design *HDMI for SD+ HD + 4k Gaming Choose your games like you choose your NETFLIX movie, NO INTERNET JUST SELECT YOUR GAME AND PLAY Games are stored on your console forever with a MASSIVE Internal Storage Of Classic Games! Decades of Gaming. Save/load your game at anytime. * 2 Wireless Controllers included *supports 5 players with FREE 4 player USB controller Hub ( included) Play 4 player Super Mario kart , Mario Party, NBA Jam, Simpsons and Turtles Arcade + many more legendary titles. Introduce all your fav classics to friends and family.* Consoles available on this awesome console: Amiga Amiga1200 Amstradcpc Atrari800 Atari2600 Atari5200 Atari7800 Atarilynx Atari st Atomiswave Commodore 64 Sega Dreamcast fbneo fds gameamdwatch gamegear gameboy gameboy advance gameboy color sega genesis intellivision Arcade / mame sega mastersystem sega megadrive msx nintendo 64 naomi neocd neogeo nintendo entertainment system ngp ngpc odyssey openbor pcengine pcenginecd pokemini ports PSP playstation 1 sega32x segacd sg-1000 sgfx Super Nintendo vectrex virtualboy wonderswan wonderswancolor x68000 zx spectrum SAME DAY POSTAGE NEXT DAY DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR!! Tipperary Based Business. N.B If there are particular games you wish to have added please let me know and I will add them before postage ( FREE). This console allows you to add your own library of games ( If 33,000 games werent enough :D ) Collection is optional*

PODS Party + Gaming Supplies image

PODS Party + Gaming Supplies

  • Tipperary
  • Verified Trader
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PODS Party + Gaming Supplies image

PODS Party + Gaming Supplies

  • Tipperary
  • Verified Trader

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