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Echo CS-7310SX chainsaw

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Echo 7310SX chainsaw ECHO’s NEW CS-7310SX is their biggest saw offered for sale in Europe at 73.5cc this professional, heavy-duty chainsaw is ideal for felling larger trees.
It features a professional-grade SUGIHARA one-piece guide bar with the replaceable sprocket. Useful features include a tool-less air filter cover allowing easy air filter access, even when wearing gloves; a side-access chain tensioner enabling easy chain adjustment.
73.5cc Engine displacement
60cm/24" Bar length
4.1kW Output
6.7kg Weight
Side Chain tensioner
CDI Ignition system
Choke with automatic fast idle release
Decomp Start assist system
0.058"/1.5mm Guide bar gauge
3/8" Saw chain pitch
X-Series means ECHO's best-in-class products. More power, lighter weight and performance that will noticeably increase your productivity. Designed for professionals who demand the best and highest quality tools. 
X-Series engines make this line-up exceptional. They offer a revolutionary combination to get jobs done faster with less fatigue.

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