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exercise bench with 115 kg weights
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exercise bench with 115 kg weights

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Purchase on 115 kg set Bench with bars and weights Straight bar: 180cm / 25mm Slightly or strongly broken neck: 120cm / 25mm Two short bars: 45cm / 25mm Load configuration: 6x10kg / 8x5kg / 4x2.5kg/4x1.25kg DESCRIPTION: Specially selected configuration and high-quality elements will make this set popular among beginners as well as intermediate and professionals. We offer top-shelf equipment - the body of our weights is made of durable plastic (thanks to which, in the event of dropping, they will not damage the floor, panels, etc.), and long bars are full bars resistant to the highest loads. Additionally, the set includes a folding training bench with a prayer book. BENCH A bench with a prayer book, adjustable backrest, handles for fly-outs and a press for training the muscles of the legs. PLATES (total weight of loads in the set: 115 kg) 6 x 10 kg (diameter 32 cm, hole diameter ~ 30 mm) 8 x 5 kg (diameter 26 cm, hole diameter ~ 30 mm) 4 x 2.5 kg (diameter 22 cm, hole diameter ~ 30mm) 4 x 1,25kg (diameter 18 cm, hole diameter~30mm) BARS WITH CLAMPS (25MM DIAMETER): Straight bar (length 180 cm, diameter 25 mm, weight about 8 kg, max load 130 kg) Slightly or strongly broken bar (length 120 cm, diameter 25 mm, max load 120 kg) Two dumbbell bars (length 45 cm, diameter 25 mm) BENCH XG-35 The set includes, among others, a BENCH with regulation. Thanks to a strong construction and proven technical solutions, we are sure that the equipment offered will meet even the most demanding training. Important - the offer applies to a set with coated weights (black plates). The grey loads of the steering wheel type shown in the photos of the bench are for demonstration purposes only. For home use Powder coated steel structure Adjustable prayer book Two barbell locks on stands The height of the stands min .: 106 cm, max .: 124 cm Overall length (to the end of the leg press): 169 cm Backrest dimensions: 76x31cm The prayer book dimensions: 42x30 cm The height of the prayer book is 81-94 cm Seat dimensions: 32x28 cm Overall width: 123 cm Spacing of stands: 51cm (internal), 59cm (external) 4-step angle adjustment of the backrest Leg press Vertical folding system (dimensions after folding: height 162cm, width 111cm, depth 76cm) PRAYER BOOK NECESSARY ADDITION TO THE BENCH The bench is equipped with a prayer book, which will certainly provide even more training opportunities. If you are not planning to use the prayer book in your training session, you can easily dismantle it. COMFORTABLE HANDLES FOAM Covered The handles for the fly and the press have been covered with thick foam of the highest quality - thanks to this, you do not need additional covers during training. SPRING CLAMPS THREE PIECES IN THE SET Thanks to the use of load trays in the form of bars with a diameter of 25mm and spring clamps, the trainee has the ability to quickly change the load. Dispatch time 5-10 working days.

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  • Meath
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