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Bioforce Multigym Very few machines for this price deliver the resistance available. Save alot of money with this very impressive German engineered home machine. See video attached (precher curl not included and not required) This design is super and every customer is highly impressed. We have been selling this product all over Ireland for 7 years and every customer is shocked at the resistance and how impressive this is. Also, the amount of exercises available with this piece is not similar to others, other customers who have purchased refer the product on. Chest Press - mid, upper and lower incl flys Back - Narrow overhand pulls, underhand, wide lat pulls, similar exercise to mid barbell rows. Bicep - Standing curls, low great of motion curls Tricep - Narrow press downs, standing tricep exts and more. Quads - Sqats, lunges and leg exts and more. Hamstrings - Stiffleg Deadlifts, standing single leg curls and more. Calves - Using step, standing calf raise. Shoulders - Seated shoulder press regular, narrow front delt press, seated lateral raise, posterior flys. Abs - Ab curls, assistance ab support for most exercises using the Bioforce. Multifunctional multi-gym for over 100 exercises Silent workout with TNT resistance technology without weights 2 independent cable pulls with 55 kg resistance each Free and functional training to improve muscle coordination & max. muscle building Extensive accessory set included

053 9175929 image

053 9175929

  • Wexford
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053 9175929 image

053 9175929

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