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Multi Gym
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Multi Gym

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Finnlo Autark 6800 Multigym So many exercises, many sold all over Ireland now. Call for info.. Bilateral training possibility through lateral tension module (cable tower) Multifunctional studio training tower High quality leg press 100 kg weight stack FINNLO Autark 6800 The multifunctional studio training tower and "power turbo" for professional fitness and strength training at home. Including leg extension/leg curl function, separate butterfly unit and high-quality leg press. The roller system, which can be rotated 160 degrees and is height-adjustable, guarantees efficient muscle training. With the new multi-gym Autark 6800 from FINNLO, you can effectively train all large muscle groups at home - just like in a professional gym. As a special feature, the power pack has a multi-adjustable separate butterfly unit. This means that trainees have sufficient freedom of movement when rowing and bench pressing. In addition, rotatable handles are attached, which ensure a perfect movement. With the separate, high-quality leg press unit, leg muscles can be built up in a targeted manner. The effectiveness of this exercise is very close to that of squats, while still being easy on the back. Also ideal for strengthening the buttocks and calves. The multi-gym is equipped with a weight block of 100 kilograms, distributed over 20 plates of 5 kilograms each. The station also enables advanced strength athletes to build up and define perfectly trained muscles all over the body. Female problem areas are tightened and men build attractive muscles. The following goals can be achieved with the FINNLO Autark 6800: Men Broad and muscular V-shape Strong and defined shoulders Muscular upper arms Flat six pack and defined abs Women healthy back Definition of the torso Arm toning Leg toning The multi-gym FINNLO Autark 6800 offers a variety of exercises for every muscle group, as well as professional equipment details and adjustment options that make the multi-gym a real studio alternative.

053 9175929 image

053 9175929

  • Wexford
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053 9175929 image

053 9175929

  • Wexford
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