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Miami J Neck Collar

  • 39 days
  • Galway City, Co. Galway


New 'Miami J' medical grade Neck Collar Size: Tall Clinically Proven Cervical Spine Support €20 or nearest offer Ideal for supporting the neck after injuries, disc bulges, after operations, when movement causes pain and many other indications. Known as one of the best cervical collars on the market through multiple independent studies, the Miami J neck collar is clinically proven to provide comfortable immobilization of the neck pre and post-surgery, or after injury. Miami J’s patented design minimizes key pressure points along the chin and back of the head for enhanced comfort during recovery.  Clinically Proven Immobilization¹ Since its launch, Miami J has been rated as one of the best cervical collars on the market by multiple independent studies. Miami J’s patented design is indicated for: c-spine precautions for trauma patients, immobilization for pre and post c-spine surgery, and other conditions requiring gross immobilization of the mid-cervical spine. Superior Comfort Miami J is bioengineered to minimize key pressure points like the chin or back of the head. It features comfort adjustment angulation buttons to fine tune fit and relieve pressure, and flexible sternal pads that can be removed for eating, excessive swelling, or for sleeping comfort. Simple to Use The Miami J cervical collar's simple sizing system is phenotype-based to make it easy to select your size for a proper fit. Washable, antibacterial Sorbatex™ padding is clinically-proven to inhibit microbial growth. 1.     Journal of Trauma: Injury Infection & Critical Care, November 2007, Volume 63, Issue 5, Page 1120-112

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  • Galway City, Galway
  • Verified Private Seller
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  • Co. Galway
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