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Infrared Garden Patio Portable Heater

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Bellelife Infrared Heater for Outdoor Use, Infrared Standing Heater, Splash-proof IPX4, Oscillating Patio Heater, 700W 360° Portable Heater, 4 Modes Energy Saving Solar heat at the touch of a button: The heater generates a pleasant heat on the skin at the touch of a button, without annoying noise and odours. The ultra-mobile infrared heater can be used anywhere - one socket is enough. Simply plug in the power plug, switch on and enjoy the soothing heat on the skin in 3 seconds. Optimal heat distribution: infrared radiators work on the principle of natural sun radiation. The infrared rays not only heat the ambient air, but also provide a pleasant warmth on the skin and other objects without detours, such as blankets, pillows or walls. Our infrared emitters move completely silently in an adjustable radius of 120° - 360°. This heats a significantly larger area in an energy-efficient way and is completely odourless. Highest safety: infrared heater comes without a fan. An additional tilt protection immediately cuts off the energy supply. The Heimwert system can even be used in the bathroom, as it is splash-proof according to IPX4 standard. Quiet and dust-free, energy saving: the infrared heating technology does not need to heat the air first, which is more energy efficient than conventional fan heaters. As the device is also without a fan, it provides odourless and silent heat and does not stir up any dust. That recommends the heater as an ideal heat solution for allergy sufferers. Comfortable design: this infrared heater has a handy carry handle to be moved from location to location in no time.

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