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Alpaca fleece
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Alpaca fleece

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A variety of colours of huacaya alpaca fibre for sale Alpaca fleece has the ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and with it’s hypoallergenic properties (which sheep don’t have due to the lanolin in their wool). It also has the ability to wick away moisture. All my alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society (BAS) and their welfare is paramount. The fleece is sold untreated and unwashed This fibre is ideal for bird nests, or stuffing for cushions, pillows and duvets The blanket area is the the softer part of the fleece (images 2 and 3) Black and grey fleece (suitable for spinning) (0.95kg) is £25 Black fleece (1.35kg) is £25 The coarser fleece images (images 4-6) Black and grey fleece (1.8kg) £15 Black (3.85kg) £27 Rose grey (3.65kg) £25 Suri fleece available (images 7-9) Suri Alpaca fleece. This is a wonderfully silky fleece from the blanket area. They are in their natural lock (group of fibres), this makes them especially suited for dolls hair and all sorts of crafts. 50 gram package (approximately) Lovely long lengths approximately 9”-10” and 7”-8” Shorter pieces available approximately 4”-6” All tied using 100% alpaca yarn The fleece is sold untreated and unwashed. However, as I handpick the locks of fibre, I remove most of the VM the alpaca has got in it’s fleece. White/ beige in colour. This leaves it suitable for dying. These fleeces were grown by my alpacas- Bonnie and Madonna.

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  • Antrim
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