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Michael Bloor

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Anitique Victorian, Drop-End, Chesterfield Sofa.
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Anitique Victorian, Drop-End, Chesterfield Sofa.

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Antique Victorian, Drop-End, Chesterfield Sofa. Over 150 years old. Now reupholstered and covered in luxury Alcantara. This Chesterfield sofa has been in our family for over 80 years. It has naturally been re-covered more than once. When this was done in 1967, a date carved on the frame indicated that it was over 100 years old at that point, so well over 150 years old now. The last photograph shows it being stripped to the frame during the last re-upholstering and gives an idea of how solid it is. A few years ago we had it re-upholstered and re-covered in the ultimate fabric - Alcantara, a very high quality, extremely durable, synthetic suede. The same material is used in upholstery for Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and McLaren cars. There is more information at This fabric was specially imported from Italy. We used Alcantara Avant 3460 Mars Grey. It required 8 metres, priced at €118 per metre, so €944. The Chesterfield has had minimal use since being reupholstered. Each end can be lowered by pulling on a strap to release it. It can then be set at different angles, as shown in the photographs. It can form a chaise-longue, with the back at either side. With both ends down, it is a day bed. When it was re-upholstered, we put on the new legs shown in the photograph, to co-ordinate with other furniture in the room. In choosing those and the material, we wanted an antique that would also fit in a contemporary setting. The original, hardwood legs can be supplied separately with the Chesterfield if preferred. We are only selling this because a change of life style means we need the room.

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Michael Bloor

  • Mayo
  • Private Seller
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Michael Bloor image

Michael Bloor

  • Mayo
  • Private Seller

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