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Eco Dairy Wipes for sale at FDS

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Eco Dairy Wipes for sale at or call 0598641507. €42 for a pack of 6. Dispenser is also available. The Eco Natural Dairy Wipe is a simple and effective means of maintaining pre-milking hygiene in your milk parlour. Neglection of simple dairy hygiene standards can result in pathogens such as mastitis to spread throughout the herd. The ​Eco Natural Dairy Wipe has the advantage of being formulated for dairying in wet climates, and is made entirely from recycled beverage cartons. The​Eco Natural Dairy Wipeare food safe certified, and eco label certified with no added dyes or colourants. They are ideal for wiping down teats to remove mud and dirt before the animal is milked. The ​Eco Natural Dairy Wipe are strong, durable, highly absorbent and are the only wipe you will ever need for cleaning various spills around the farm. Eco Natural Dairy Wipe compared to other generic paper towels Compared to other paper towels used on farms Eco Natural Dairy Wipe are thicker, stronger, more absorbent, last longer and are manufactured to a higher quality using recycled materials. Benefits of using Eco Natural Dairy Wipe Hygiene: Individual disposable sheets are ideal for cleaning teats individually to prevent cross contamination. High Wet Strength: Eco Natural Dairy Wipe are soft and durable when dry but are also strong and hold together when used wet. High Quality: Eco Natural Dairy Wipe are stronger, thicker and more absorbent than other brands of paper towels. Versatile: Eco Natural Dairy Wipe can be used to clean teats of cattle, clean down surfaces and for cleaning up spills around the farm. Easily Dispensed: Eco Natural Dairy Wipe will fit in all centrefeed and pull floor stand dispensers. Features of the Eco Natural Dairy Wipe High wet Strenght Super Strong Soft and Absorbent No Dyes, Colourants or Bleaching Perforated Long Sheets Gently Embossed Food Contact Certified We also have a full range of milking machine equipment. Milking machine rubbers such as milk, wash and pulsation tubing. Farm clothing, such as dairy gown, leggings, aprons, gloves and dry cuffs. Ambic herd health products such as Teat spray units and accessories, hip sprays, samplers, mastitis detectors and quarter milkers. Stockman Irish made calf feeders. And much more. Full range available at or call 059 8641507.

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Farm and Dairy Spares

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