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Lightweight Milking Clusters
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Lightweight Milking Clusters

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MILKRITE IMPULSE TRIANGULAR LINER & ISOLAC or ORBITER CLAW CLUSTER COMBO - Fitted with impulse triangular liners & shells, improving cow comfort & reducing teat end damage. A more gentle 3 sided massaging action, reduces discomfort for freshly calved heifers/cows with swollen tender udders & improves teat end condition. Reduces slippage & squawks. Reduced air capacity between the liner & shell, provides more responsive pulsation effect on the liner, increasing the milk & rest phases. Vented & unvented liners available subject to adequate vacuum levels. Vented liners give you 4 air intake points per cluster, above the milk line, increasing milk flow rate away from the teat end into the claw, eliminating back splash onto the teat, reducing cross contamination & infections. The Isolac or Orbiter claw piece with a large 350-400ml bowl provides adequate capacity for a more free flowing entry & exit of milk away from the liners. Overall cow comfort improved by virtue of a lighter, more efficient cluster. Ultra-light cluster with reduced levels of fatigue for the operator. The Ultimate Milking Cluster!!! MACHINE SERVICE SPARES - Full range of milking machine rubbers & spares also supplies available. DAIRY HYGIENE - Full range of Chlorine free detergents & Iodine free teat spray/dips. CONTACT - Arnold Wilson, Master Agri, Carlow for quote. Tel No. 059-9134144 / 087-7983020.

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Master Agri

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Master Agri

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