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LUBE-CUBE Chain Oiler

LUBE-CUBE Chain Oiler

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Motorcycle Chain care is a safety critical maintenance task unloved by most riders, and only done because they absolutely must. Regular maintenance can save you a lot of money and unplanned downtime. With a LUBE-CUBE applicator you can oil your chain completely and quickly. Simply raise the rear wheel, place the LUBE-CUBE onto the lower chain run and rotate the rear wheel by hand while pressing the nozzle on your aerosol of chain oil. As the chain glides through the LUBE-CUBE the oil is applied directly onto the seal rings between the inner and outer link plates. (see illustration) With a clean chain you can fully oil every link in less than a minute with no overspray onto any part of the bike, so no oil is wasted. When oiling is complete simply invert the can and spray to clear the oil ways, and ready it for the next use. The chain should be clean before applying lubricant. So what do we provide... One LUBE-CUBE assembled and ready for use We have four sizes of chain oilers... - 428 small to medium bikes - 520 medium size bikes - 525 for more powerful bikes - 530 highest powered bikes The chain number is stamped on each link. I also provide an aerosol can clip, there are two common sizes, a 58mm (usually 400ml), and a 66mm diameter (usually 500ml) By default I will include the 58mm clip as it is by far the most common. You MUST specify your chain size and can clip size. Look at the photos in the ad to see the LUBE-CUBE in use from new. Instructions and guidelines are included with your shipment. Chain Oil aerosol is NOT included, you can select from a wide range, personally I use Muc-Off All-Weather and also Motul C3, both are very good. It is recommended to apply Chain Lubricant every 200 to 500kms Shipping is €10 for registered next working day delivery, or €5 for normal delivery but no tracking or insurance, so at will be your own risk. Payment by PayPal using family & friends is preferable or you can pay the fees.

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Aubrey Martin

  • Kells, Meath
  • Verified Private Seller
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Aubrey Martin

  • Co. Meath
  • Verified Private Seller

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