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E SCOOTER High power-lithium-40 kph-60 km RANGE

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600 cc

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ALL new amazing scooters with high range and high performance 40 KPH top speed AND amazing range of 60 km and more SPECIAL OFFER was € 1095.00 NOW € 825 SEAT comes off and scooter folds . EVERY scooter from us comes built and tested From muckandfun in Wicklow the biggest off road and performance scooter shop in Ireland OVER 25 SCOOTERS TO PICK FROM in petrol and electric We sell Sxt Evo Highper Windgoo all in stock in Wicklow Comfort is also not forgotten with the Highper 600w Electric Scooter, it comes complete with adjustable spring and damper shock absorbers with up to 3 inches of travel to provide a stable and comfortable ride. This great scooter handles more like a motorbike and provides swift but comfort WE have full time workshop to backup our customers we are not some shop on the net in Uk or China that if you need help its impossible WE offer 1 year warranty parts and labour and 2 freer services THIS scooter comes with Lithium top of the range battery which gives the range and speed Lovely scooter stunning build quality and design Battery volume: 48v 10ah Battery type: lithium ion Tires: 10″ pneumatic off-road tires Net weight: about 30kg Max speed: 40km/h to 45km/h Range 60 to 70km Frame: alloy F & R disk brakes Suspension: F & R double springs Head light: High Definition led Spotlight Removable Seat: optional Max Load 150kg LCD meter cruise control USB Charging socket WHY MUCKANDFUN FOR ME ? 1+2 Year Warranty’s on new machines 20 Years experience Home delivery next day FREE 2 services Cost price Protective gear saves many €€€ We take deposits / Xmas club Free phone + Help at our shop for life Quads-dirt bikes- buggies-Jet skis-Scooters-Mx -Mini bikes - Pit bikes - Supermoto - Enduro - Road bike BIGGEST off road shop in Ireland We open Tuesday to Saturday close monday + Tuesday for loads more fun NEED help or advice please let us know JOIN us on image

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