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Fully Road Legal- Rebel E-Chopper Electric Scooter 60V 20AH
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Fully Road Legal- Rebel E-Chopper Electric Scooter 60V 20AH

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Available from €1,995 : This escooter: 1)Can be legally registered via an N.C.T centre 2) Can be insured for as little as €250 3)Costs then €1 a day to recharge the battery. Fast Forward to the Future of Urban Travel with an Electic E-Chopper. Urban travel isn’t just about getting from A to B. You’re smart, forward-thinking and environmentally conscious — and how you travel should reflect that. Imagine zipping around the city without leaving a carbon footprint. Picture travelling tens of kilometers for cents, not euro's. And then imagine that while saving money and protecting the planet, your vehicle turns heads for all the right reasons. Travelling in style doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We’ve made luxury transport accessible, with affordable high-end electric motorcycles that save you money in the long run. Cut Back on Costs — can be charged quickly at home, costing you cents rather than the euro's you might spend on fuel. Our bikes also fall in the lowest insurance group and don’t need to be taxed, so you can get on the road for less. Brand Name: The Rebel E Chopper. Model Number: M 1. Power: 2000 Watt. Voltage: 60v – 50hz./60hz – 220v.-240v. Motor : 2000 w. High Grade Intelligent Brushless Motor-by Bosch. Controller : Intelligent controller for maximum torque-by Bosch Battery : 60v., 20Ah removable battery Made in Korea. Speed : 48 K.P.H/30 Mph per hour. Range : 48 KM/30 Miles per full charge. Charging Time : 4 Hours average. Battery Life : 1500 Full Charge Round – Average 5 years life. Grade Clime Ability : 30 Degree. Frame : Steel Frame. Seat : Single Seat in Leather. Brake Type : Front & Rear Customized Hydraulic Disc brakes. Front Fork Suspension : Double Front Fork plus seat suspensions Rear Suspension : Dual Suspensions. image

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