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SXT Eco 30 KPH Portable E scooter (WORLDS LIGHTEST

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SMILEYSCOOT SXT light Eco THE LIGHTEST E SCOOTER IN THE WORLD ENJOY the Video !! Mint Blowing technology in this machine ITS a game changer and the most fun on 2 wheel you can ever have The SMILEYSCOOT SXT light Eco is accelerated by a built-in front-wheel brushless DC hub motor with 350W max. power whose energy consumption is 6,15 Wh per km which means operating costs of unbelievable EUR 1.20 per 1.000 km. muckandfun SXT Light Eco ( EXCLUSIVE to muckandfun in Wicklow Ireland number 1 mx bike shop ) THE most verstable portable way to get around Possible limit levels are 12 km/h, 20 km/h or 25 km/h FULLY road legal as its a kick style scooter HAVE one myself and trips to the shops at night or running around its unreal fun and so light and easy TOP speed of 30KPH this scooter moves AND range of 30 km POWERED by a Lithium top of the range battery 10.7 kg the currently lightest and most compact electric scooter of the world! HAS built in side stand simply flick it up and away you go The SXT light Eco is the first scooter model which is equipped with KERS Technology FROM FORMULA 1 The patented UBHI operating unit combines all the operating elements such as throttle, brake, light & light sensor, horn, LCD display & Cruise Control. The built-in LED light has 6 High Power LED's that are controlled by a brightness sensor that automatically turns lights and LCD display lightning on and off. Ermittette and displayed values ​​of LCD displays are daily distance, total distance, speed, battery status, and even the current ambient temperature. To warn other road users the UBHI has also a piezo buzzer which sounds at your fingertips SCOOTER folds and is light and simple to carry VERY quick charge times CRUISE control makes life simple HOW the manufacturer done this in something so small is mind blowing AVAILABLE for home delivery at only € 35.00 SCOOTER arrives built and tested and ready to use FINANCE can be arranged over 1 ,2 or 3 years image

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