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Portable Milking Machines from €799 inc VAT
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Portable Milking Machines from €799 inc VAT

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Recommended by Lely, these are very high quality machines manufactured in Europe comes with 2 year warranty We are fully stocked with a big range of milking machines and all relevant replacement parts. All our prices includes VAT All models available for COW / GOAT / SHEEP Mini Portable single cluster €799 Single cluster single bucket €950 Dual cluster single bucket €1050 Dual cluster dual bucket €1250 Single cluster single bucket petrol €1280 Perfect for; • General calving • Milk fever • Early calvers and not wanting to turn on milking parlour. • Cows that have split during calving • Sick cows • Injured cows Teagasc considers colostrum feeding, the most important job in calf rearing The “Colostrum 1, 2, 3 Rule” 1. Use colostrum from the first milking for the first feed 2. Give colostrum within two hours from the calf’s birth 3. Give at least three litres Do not leave calf with cow – unsure of colostrum intake As per Teagasc figures there is a 10% mortaility rate in new born calves in Irish dairy farms, this leads to the farmer been overworked and at a significant loss at the end of a busy calving season. When looking at a country like Norway the new born mortality rate is down to 3.7%. This shows the improvements we can make. With 3 litres of Colostrum/milk required it can be a challenge to an already over worked farmer to get the milk from the new mother. By using our Sezer portable milking machines this can ease the pressure and work load on the farmer and also decrease the stress on the new mother. Price includes VAT Next day delivery €50 inc VAT or collect Cork City 021 487 4441

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Clippers Ireland

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Clippers Ireland

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