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Bale Press Strapping at Lowest Prices
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Bale Press Strapping at Lowest Prices

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Bale press strapping from Ireland's largest online packaging and storage solutions supplier at the lowest prices ever. Corded polyester bale strapping is a strong, safe material specifically designed to fit into a baling machine or waste compactor to secure compressed baled waste materials. Also known as Balestrap, Baling Tape or Bale Press Strap, it can be also be hand tied to secure compacted bales, drums or awkward palletised products. Bale strapping will not tear or fray and is stocked in 9mm and 13mm strap widths on a 60mm diameter core to suit most standard waste compactors and baling machines. German Heavy-grade polyester corded bale strapping - stronger than light grade steel Can be used on loads traditionally strapped with steel Bale strap strap is non-toxic and will not corrode, rust or stain Bale strap has no sharp edges to damage your products or forklift tyres Bale strap is resistant to U.V. and all weather conditions A size to fit most baling machines and waste compactors Bale strapping has a very high capacity to absorb shocks during transport Two widths available, 13mm and 9mm. 13mm wide roll is 500m long x 375kg breaking strain 9mm wide roll is 500mm long x 280kg breaking strain All lengths and strengths guaranteed. Supplied in boxes of 4 rolls. Prices from €14.99 per roll + vat Delivery is included where order value exceeds €99 ex vat To buy; Buy online at (go to strapping section) Send us an e mail sales(at) Collect from our warehouse Telephone us on 087 1811173. image

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