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Wooden & plastic Furniture feet

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1) Wooden Furniture legs: a. 5x Mahogany wooden feet H7.5xW17xD9cm €10 each b. 5x Mahogany trapezoid foot H4xW10xD10cm €7 each 2) Wooden block furniture feet: a. 4x Foot H5xW22xD13cm €10 each b. 9x Rosewood & 2x Mahogany H5.5xW17xD9cm €10 each c. 2x Trapezoid foot H5.5xW9xD9cm €6 each d. 2x Square foot H6xW12xD12cm €7 each 3) Square Wooden with Large Castors H14xW7.5xD7.5cm €20 ea 8x Rosewood 11x Mahogany 2x Black with silver wheel 4) Furniture feet: a. 15x Mahogany €8 each b. 9x Black square H14xD9xW9cm €8 each c. 4x Dark Brown Square H10xD8xW8cm €8 each d. 4x Rosewood €8 each e. 2x Darkest Brown €6 each f. 2x Beach square short H12.5xD5xW5cm €6 each g. 8x Oak Square legs H12xD8xW8cm €10 ea h. 7x Red Oak H10xD8xW8cm €5 each 5) Selection of feet: a. 3x Black H6.5xW13xD6.5cm €8 each b. 3x Black H7.5xW11xD8cm €8 each c. 2x Wood H6.5xW17xD9.5cm €8 each d. 1x Plastic black H4xW15xD10cm €3 6) Plastic feet: a. 4x Plastic furniture glides €1 each b. 2x 8mm thread screw on glide €2 each c. 4x Large square thread screw on glide €2 each d. 3x Dark Brown triangle H7xW7xD9cm €2 each 7) 4x Solid furniture feet H9.5x10x10cm €8 ea 8) Furniture legs: a. 3x Oak square H7xD8.5xW8.5cm €5 each b. 2x Beach Wood H10xD4xW8cm €7 each c. 1x Dark Brown H6.5xD9xW9cm €5 each d. 6x Rosewood Curved H14xD4.5xW8cm €6 each 9) Plastic Adjustable legs: a. 162x Black kitchen cabinets feet 13-15cm €1 each b. 11x Large size plastic feet 13-23cm €2 each c. 3x Furniture adjustable legs 13-15cm €1 each d. 10x For kitchen 14-16cm €1 each e. 1x set of Kitchen base cabinet / high cabinet legs €8 set f. 40x Clips for feet €5 for 40pcs 10) 4x Round plastic screw feet €2 each Some ex-display items / Some pre-owned items as such no warranty. Delivery can be arranged! To see our other ads please click the link at the bottom of the advert: “View Our Shop” For further information, please contact: Noel: 086-1743441

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