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Formula Vee 2021 - Do you want to go motor racing?

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If you are interested in getting involved in motor racing then this is the class for you! Formula Vee is the entry level class for single seater racing in Ireland. The cars are made from a steel spaceframe with fibreglass bodywork. The engine is a 1600cc air cooled VW Beetle engine, and the gearbox, front suspension, etc. are all from a Beetle as well. The cars are quick, and will lap Mondello considerably faster than a race spec Porsche 911 . The Vee championship is an official Motorsport Ireland championship and runs over 11 rounds starting in March and finishing in October. We race on 4 tracks; Mondello National, Mondello International, Kirkistown, and Bishopscourt (both in Co. Down). There are two chassis in use, both manufactured in Ireland. Leastone Racing Cars are in Kilmeague, close to Mondello Park, and Sheane Cars are in Blainroe, Wicklow. Both models can be found at the front of the grid with nothing to choose between them once they are properly set up and maintained. There are a number of cars for sale or hire for the forthcoming season. For more details see the classified section of our website: Newcomer’s to racing will be eligible for the Star of Tomorrow championship, which is open to all rookie drivers regardless of age. This is a very competitive and hotly-contested championship every year. Drivers with a year’s racing under their belt move on to the VW Spares championship which caters from drivers who have gained some experience but not yet at the pace of winning the outright national championship. Every driver also competes in the National Formula Vee Championship aiming to be crowned the top Formula Vee driver in the country! Get in touch and we will offer any tips or advice that we can. Thanks to James Foley and Cregor Elliott for the photos and Luke O'Faolain for the promotional video

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Stephen Morrin

  • Kildare
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Stephen Morrin

  • Kildare
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