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Anti-Theft Security Shoulder Cross Strap Wallet

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This is the ideal way of carrying important documents, money, phones etc whilst travelling. The bag can be worn over your shirt and hidden with a jumper or coat. Perfect for carrying important items such as cell phones, identity document, money etc Can be wore under the overcoat or over the shirt Comes with 3 pockets, one zippered at the bottom Wide left shoulder strap with improved hook and loop, easing the pressure Adjustable nylon right shoulder strap, one size fits all Sturdy steel loop bearable for substantial tension Semicircle steel loop good for hanging keys or other articles Tough buckle of high elasticity, easy to handle High density waterproof 400 D ripstop nylon construction Breathable liner with a layer of thin sponge friendly to skin Material: Ripstop Nylon Dimensions: 21.5 x27cm/8.4 x10.6 inch Smaller pocket: 9 x 11.5 cm/3.5 x4.5 inch Larger pocket: 12.5 x 11.5 cm/4.9 x4.5 inch Zippered pocket: 20 x 8.4 cm/7.8 x3.3 inch G.W: Approx 252g Colour: Black   Ideal for carrying important items such as Mobile phones, identity document, money etc Comes with 3 Pockets, one Zippered at the bottom to hold important items Wide Left adjustable Shoulder strap one size fits all Ideal for travelling and holidays perfect for keeping items close and safe Made from Ripstop Nylon material Please note we can only send it, if you wish to order go to - You can pay by PayPal, Debit/Credit Card or Bank Transfer For more interesting items go to image

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