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Goodnature A24 Smart Rat Traps

Goodnature A24 Smart Rat Traps

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  • Dingle, Co. Kerry

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Goodnature A24 Smart Rat Trap Kit available at Manage pests in a humane and non-toxic way with the Goodnature A24 Smart Trap Kit, available from MacEoin General Merchants Ltd, Dingle, Ireland. This advanced trapping system is designed for efficiency and sustainability, offering a smart solution to controlling unwanted wildlife. The kit includes everything you need to set up and maintain your traps, making it a practical choice for both novice and experienced trappers. Using innovative technology, it provides continuous trapping without the need for constant manual resets. Secure your surroundings with the Goodnature A24 Smart Trap Kit from MacEoin General Merchants Ltd, your environmentally-conscious choice for effective pest control. Smarter than a snap trap. Kinder than bait. Our Smart Trap Kit is so intelligent it takes care of itself. It resets automatically. It keeps the rodent paste fresh. It'll give you a heads up when it's killed a rat or mouse. And when it's killed 24 of them it'll remind you to top up the CO₂ canister and rodent paste. Plus like all our traps it comes with an A-Class Humane rating, and is 100% toxin-free, making it safe for pets, kids, and mother nature. Make snap traps and nasty bait a thing of the past, and switch to a Goodnature A24 Smart Trap Kit. ✓ Automatically kills and resets ✓ A-Class Humane rating from NAWAC ✓ 100% Toxin free and safe for pets ✓ 1000% smarter than your average trap Please note: the A24 Trap must only be used with Goodnature gas canisters because they have a silicon based sealant and other canisters will damage the product. Goodnature A24 traps are sold in Ireland by MacEoin General Merchants Ltd. A24 Traps Ireland Goodnature Traps Ireland CO2 Cartridge for A24 Lure for A24 Traps Chocolate & Nut Butter Lure

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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

  • Dingle, Kerry
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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

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