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Kinshofer Tilt Rotator

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Wacker Neuson
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The best way to explain to you about a Tilt Rotator is to ask you to do this. Imagine that you have no wrist. At the end of your arm, you have a Hand. But No Wrist, so a straight connection. Better than no Hand, of course, but not that great either. Now, start using your wrist to do things, and imagine that your wrist is ever better than it is! It can rotate 360 degrees. (not 180) You have a Wrist that tilts and rotates, it’s simple. Think about that for a while and do a few things. Put your phone face down on your knee and pick it up and look at the screen without using your wrist, just your hand and arm. Now, try it with your wrist engaged. Revolutionary. Try having a cup of Tea. Pick up a pen, Wipe your forehead, Try picking your ear! With and without your Wrist. That’s what a Tilt Rotate will do to your digger. You will be Better, much more efficient, much faster, much less wear and tear, and that's just the beginning. Have a look at the video, he is clearing a farm road. The digger doesn’t move for the entire cycle, When it’s over, he moves back for the next cycle. Huge savings, everywhere. Imagine the process without the Tilt Rotator. Why would anyone want to work without that facility, that advantage, that efficiency ! Call Ferrybridge. We know what to do. Call Ferrybridge, have a chat and we can go from there.

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