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Wacker Neuson
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It took more than 70,000 tonnes of concrete and 2.5 million hours of work to complete The bridge was built with the same amount of reinforced steel as the Eiffel Tower and includes some 500km of cabling wire, similar to the length of Ireland. The bridge's two main spans are the longest post-tensioned concrete spans of their type in the world. The 230 metres (750 ft) main spans of the bridge are the longest concrete-only extradosed box-girder bridge spans in the world. The two central main spans are supported by a central plane of stay cables passing through saddles located on three towers at the three central supports. The distinctive feature of the Bridge is the different height of the towers. The side towers have a height of 16.2m and have 8 passing cables and the central pier has a height of 27.0m and 18 passing cables. The side spans over dry land on both sides of the river Barrow were built using a scaffold and a wing form traveller. The main spans were built using the balanced cantilever method. At its maximum length from the central pier, the west span cantilevered 140m over the river. What did they use to vibrate the Concrete? Wacker Neuson Technology Who looked after the Pokers? Ferrybridge Wacker Neuson; Vibrating Concrete since 1930. The company was founded in 1848 by Johann Christian Wacker as a blacksmith's shop in Dresden (Germany) trading as Wacker. It started industrial production in 1875. In 1930, the company's engineers developed a high-frequency technology for internal vibrators. We’re good at what we do, we have experience, we have support: Use our Experience for your success. Ferrybridge for Concrete technology. Why risk it?

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