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Freeway Poultry

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Chickens for Sale (Multiple Breeds Available)
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Chickens for Sale (Multiple Breeds Available)

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  • Description We are a family business that has revolutionised the Irish Poultry Industry. As 5th generation farmers, we have a passion for quality, Irish produce. We know that every bird and product that we sell is a direct representation of ourselves and the foundation of our reputation. The most important factor for the success of our family business in a saturated market is our ability to adapt and innovate. We can supply a Quality Product, at an Affordable Price through a Friendly and Efficient service. From our humble beginnings right through to where we are today our core values have always remained the same. At Freeway Poultry, we are driven by innovation and backed by experience. **Nationwide Delivery - 32 Counties ** Delivering to Navan and Drogheda on Sunday the 4th of June POINT OF LAY PULLETS & DAY OLD LAYER CHICKS - SEXED Copperblack Maran Rhode Island Red Legbar Partridge Mottled Ranger Amber Star Blackrock Bluebell Cuckoo Maran Daisybelle Dexel Goldilocks Leghorn Light Sussex DUCKLINGS BROILERS

Freeway Poultry image

Freeway Poultry

  • Co. Meath
  • Verified Trader
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Freeway Poultry image

Freeway Poultry

  • Co. Meath
  • Verified Trader

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