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Christopher Kinghan

  • Co. Meath
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Chickens, Organic Chicks sexed, hens,  POL pullets
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Chickens, Organic Chicks sexed, hens, POL pullets

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Pullets - Day old chicks available. For fastest response whatsapp your name to me on 085 164 6179 and I will send Colour catalogue of chickens immediately and other products i.e. feeders, drinkers, heat lamps, etc. ORGANIC reared and fed Full grown pullets on Point of Lay @ €18 available immediately Note : some pure breeds /Blue / Green egg layers like Marsbar, Greenegger, Cream Legbar, and Skyline are €19.50 Most of the hybrids lay 300 eggs + per year. Click on view my other ads in right hand corner of screen to see what else is available. Day old chicks available (most breeds are sexed but check with me what is available. reduced chice after May) 6 euro each. Discount for larger orders. 5-6 week old chicks (no longer needing heat) will be available January onwards at €10 per pullet. Actual chicks / egg colours may vary but will be agreed before purchase. Organic Day old rainbow chicks. Available -price depends on quantity ordered. Sexed. so all chicks will grow to be hens. Absolutely no Cockerels. Day old chicks need heat 37 degrees centigrade in their first few weeks of life. These chicks are all hybrids. So they will start to lay earlier and will lay about 300 eggs in their first laying year . A detailed colour pdf booklet is given free to all buyers and explains how to look after the chicks. Point of Lay means the hens are at least 16 weeks old and will start to lay between 16 and 22 weeks old . Late autumn to early spring low wattage artificial light makes a big difference to the amount of eggs laid. Can be purchased from the farm most days. Small delivery charge for deliveries to various points in Cavan, Monaghan, Meath, Louth, Westmeath, Kildare, Offaly and Dublin. and regularly in other counties. Ring for details. ie I am occasionally I am in Kildare, Wicklow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford during the week. Occasional deliveries to Northern Ireland.

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Christopher Kinghan

  • Co. Meath
  • Verified Private Seller
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Christopher Kinghan image

Christopher Kinghan

  • Co. Meath
  • Verified Private Seller

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