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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

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Incubator Shop Ireland -

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For over 30 years MacEoin General Merchants Ltd have been Ireland's Incubator Store. We do not sell Chinese machines only UK or European made Incubators. All with minimum 2 year warranty and Brinsea Incubators 3 year warranty. Contact Mike Johnson who will answer any questions you may have. We also sell spare parts for many makes of incubators & brooders including many obsolete machines. Brinsea Incubators from € 99.00 Mini Eco Mini Advance Mini EX Maxi Eco Maxi Advance Maxi EX Ovation 28 & 56 in Eco, Advance & EX TLC30, TLC40 & TLC50 Incubators and brooders in Eco & Advance Intensive Care Units Brinsea Octagon 20 Incubator Cradles for Octagon 20 & 40 Incubators Ovaeasy Cabinet Incubators OvaEasy 100 OvaEasy 190 OvaEasy 380 OvaEasy 580 OvaEasy Hatchers OvaView Egg Candlers OvaView Ovascopes Borotto Incubators: Real 24 Real 49 Lumia 8 & Expert Lumia 16 Sirio Humidity Pumps River Systems Incubators: ET Super 12 ET Super 24 ETSuper 49 Novital Incubators: Cova 24 Cova 54 Incubator Elements Incubator Thermostats Incubator Turning Motors Incubator Fans Polyhatch, Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Incubator Parts Gas & Electric Brooders Electric Hens Heat Plates Chick Feeders Drinkers Netting Electric Fencing ChickenGuard Doors & Door Openers Wing Tags Leg Rings Beak Bits

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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

  • Dingle, Kerry
  • Trader
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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd image

MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

  • Co. Kerry
  • Trader

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