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New ChickenGuard Pro Door Openers & Doors
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New ChickenGuard Pro Door Openers & Doors

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  • Description for your ChickenGuard PRO Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener - NEW! Made with the toughest components, the ChickenGuard PRO Automatic Door Opener is a battery-powered pop-hole door opener that will work in extreme temperatures and, with its strong motor, will lift doors up to 2kg in weight. The ChickenGuard PRO door opener is a British-made pop-hole door opener built with the most extreme conditions in mind. With an integrated timer, light sensor, and override button, it is the all-in-one complete package for chicken keepers wanting easy installation and maximum flexibility. If your current pop-hole door might be too heavy (over 2kg) or does not slide freely, you can add the ChickenGuard Self-Locking Door. These doors will not change in weight according to the weather, or stick, or warp (as timber doors can sometimes do). Complete control to keep your poultry safe from fox attack, and saves the early mornings to let the chickens out, or worrying about the door being open after dark. There is a manual override button if you need to open or close the pop-hole outside the normal settings. No DIY knowledge is required and no messy wiring to do Calibrates the door automatically making installation very easy Can raise a door up to 2kg in weight Measures 16.7cm wide x 9.3cm tall and 6cm deep Use the easy-to-program timer or built-in light sensor or a combination of both Battery warning light visible from 100 meters away Use 4 x AA Alkaline batteries (incl.) The Auto-Stop feature stops the door if there is an obstruction e.g. a chicken in the way Backup lithium cell battery to keep the clock working if the batteries run out (CR1220 Lithium cell battery) Self-diagnosis capability shows a message on the screen advising what action to take Built for extreme weather conditions Integrated LCD screen ensures it is easy to set up. ChickenGuard Ireland ChickenGuard Northern Ireland. Antrim,Down,Tyrone,Derry,Fermanagh,Armagh

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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

  • Dingle, Kerry
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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

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